The Exemplary Skills that Julie Zuckerberg has gained in her Career.

Recruitment professionals are important individuals in the corporate worlds since they assist companies in sourcing and hiring highly skilled and talented employees. They also help specialists in various industries in getting the right jobs that can enable them to build their careers. Julie Zuckerberg is a recruiter who has built a great reputation in New York for the excellent services that she has offered to various leading corporations. The Deutsche Bank hired her in 2014, and she has been serving as its vice president and executive recruitment lead.


Julie has acquired sufficient skills and experience for the past 15 years that she has been active in the recruitment field. She is an expert in employee training, corporate recruiting, executive search, team leadership, talent management, hiring, behavioral interviewing, and talent acquisition. She also gained knowledge on human resource, corporate management, conflict resolution, and executive staffing. As the vice president of Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg heads the firm’s global technology and operations, private and commercial clients, as well as asset management. Julie attended the New York Law School and graduated with a degree in law. She also holds a philosophy degree from the City University of New York.


Zuckerberg has been hired by various corporations in New York to serve as their recruitment leaders. In 2002, she got an opportunity to work at Hudson Global Resources America Inc. The company has specialized in talent sourcing and recruitment of professionals. It mainly serves law and finance firms across the globe. Julie was the candidate placement director of the multinational company for about five years, and she assisted it in delivering the best employees to its clients across the globe. Hudson hired attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and case managers. Julie’s other role at the firm was to offer legal guidance when any problems occurred between employer and the employees.


Zuckerberg left Hudson and joined Citi Global Consumer Bank in 2007. She served the banking institution as its executive recruiter for about three years. Her role at the firm was to assist in the hiring its senior staff members such as managers and managing directors. Julie was also employed by another major division of the Citi Group that is known as Citi Cards Consumer Marketing. She served it for three years as its executive recruiter. The recruitment guru played a significant role in the creation and implementation of great recruitment strategies at Citi Global Consumer Bank. The techniques that she used at the firm include direct sourcing, employment referrals, and social media. The company utilized the skills in hiring competent professionals.


In November 2013, New York Life Insurance Company hired Julie Zuckerberg due to the wealth of experience that she has acquired in her career. She headed the recruitment processes of the company for about three months and was in charge of all levels of hiring. Julie also coordinated with the senior administrators of the insurance firm to develop plans that could address the needs of its clients. Zuckerberg left the company in early 2014, and she has been working at Deutsche Bank ever since.

Helane Morrison’s New Business Model

If you are anything like me then you probably have a leery attitude towards the financial market and investments companies. A lot of this perception comes from the recent market crash. A little research however, will show that there are at least some business leaders out there who are actively changing their policy.

Hall Capital is perhaps one of the most unique and interesting businesses in operation today. Located in San Francisco, California, it is a profitable investment company. In fact it is one of the most succeful investment companies in the market and it’s management staff happens to be entirely women.

Helane Morrison is one of Hall Capital’s most distinguished employees and leaders. She joined the company in 2007 and now holds multiple title within the hierarchy. These titles include General Counsel, Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer. Before being employed by Capital Hall, Morrison was the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. She worked there for a total of eight years. Before that she spent three years as the local SEC offices head of enforcement.

Her work as a compliance officer involves a proactive relationship with government regulatory agencies. Morrison claims she was drawn to the work after the market crash out of a desire to restore consumer confidence in financial institutions. Rather than trying to hide from or circumvent regulation, compliance officers act within the company to ensure all actions are up to code and in full compliance with local law.

The development of companies like Hall Capital is a trend we should all watch closely. It is women like Helane Morrison who will change the investment marketplace in the years to come, making it a more secure and profitable environment than it was before.