The Prominent Technologists; Eric Pulier
Eric Pulier is a technologist and an author who has founded more than 15 companies in his life career. He hails from Los Angeles. Eric Pulier attended Teaneck High school and later to Harvard University graduating with a degree in English and American Literature. Although he specialized in literature, Eric interests were in technology. In 1991, Eric founded People Doing Things Company providing technological innovation to Education and Health sectors. He also started Digital Digital Evolution an interactive agency which later merged with US Interactive LLC. Due to his achievements and experience, Eric was selected to finalize the presidential exhibit referred to the Bridge to the 21st Century. Eric is a success in the technology industry.
Eric loves helping people achieve their goals especially those who are disadvantaged and children suffering from chronic diseases. Due to his attitude, Eric is a prominent philanthropist who uses his career to serve the society. In helping children with multiple sclerosis, Eric created a multimedia platform which helps educate them on their condition. He also teamed up to develop Starbright, a private social platform which allows the children with chronic diseases to interact. The social platform also assists them to communicate with others through chat and learn the experiences of other kids with chronic diseases in other countries.
Eric is an author and has written books which are of relevance to the society. One of his books is Understanding Enterprise SOA, where he gives a clear and easy to read art describing his work. After graduating, Eric joined Harvard taking the responsibilities of the school editor. He managed the school Newspaper; performing excellently in all topics he tackled.
Eric is an active investor who ventures in different businesses and works in collaboration with many enterprises. He has been able to raise millions of dollars from his many firms. Some of the Companies of his companies include Media platform, SOA software, Desk tone and US Media Interactive LLC. Eric’s experience and success ha gave him a chance to give speeches in Technology Forum. He is one the known30 e-visionaries.