Spoti-what? Desiree Perez Makes Tidal an Awesome Competitor


Desiree Perez has become an awesome business woman that has managed to find her way in the world of music streaming. There are times when people may not know just how good they are in doing something until they are put to the task of having to do it. That is certainly what is happening with Perez. She has never been in the music streaming industry, but she is good with numbers. Perez also knows about the strategy that it will take to build anticipation about the Tidal music streaming service. This is enough to keep her in the good graces of Tidal owner Jay-Z.

As time progresses it has become evident that Des Perez was the one that was helping Jay-Z turn the Tidal web streaming service into something that people wanted to subscribe to. This is harder than it looks. Most people that are on the outside looking in would just assume that it is easy to start a music streaming service because there are already so many celebrities connected to Tidal. In the initial press conference for this music streaming service there were tons of celebrities like Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Beyonce that were all invested into Tidal.

As time progressed it became evident that this was a business that was much more difficult than it looked. Even with the star power that was behind it there was still an uphill battle to be fought with Pandora and Spotify. As luck would have it, Desiree Perez turned out to be a prizefighter when it came to uphill battles involving music streaming. She has been able to turn things around for this company.

Tidal is becoming a real competitive force among the other streaming services, and Des Perez is the one that has made people notice this music company. The rise of Tidal was slow, but the company has managed to move in the right direction as a result of what Des Perez has recommended with all of the marketing for exclusive Tidal content.

This is the company that has managed to get to a point of revival, and Jay-Z is excited about the way that the company has managed to become profitable with a strong support system like Des Perez and her husband Juan Perez. These two have taken Tidal to a new level. Desiree has made Tidal a successful company for music streaming.