Behind the Success of John Goullet

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur who has pioneered the development of various highly successful ventures in the field of IT. John started his career as an IT consultant before shifting to IT staffing. With a clear knowledge and comprehension of emerging market trends, John established the Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing firm focused on offering solutions to the Fortune 500 firms throughout the country. In just a span of five years, Info Technologies was able to grow by more than $30 million. This growth ranked it at the eighth position on 500 fastest-growing firms in the US.

In 2010, Info Technologies was merged with DIVERSANT Inc. to come up with DIVERSANT LLC. John as the principal of DIVERSANT LLC., continues to develop ways capable of meeting daily challenges that face the dynamic IT marketplace.

Ingredients for Entrepreneurial Growth

John’s typical day starts with hitting the gym for an hour from 6 am. He then ensures that he is at the office by 8, and not unless he has a dinner appointment, he leaves the office by 6 pm. John is very keen on what is trending in the labor markets, since it is from it that he brings new ideas to light. He claims that the US has a shortage of IT professionals, therefore, it is through the labor market that he gets to see what will be highly demanded. From this, he starts creating a channel of skill sets that will be required by clients.

As an entrepreneur, John’s productivity is motivated more by productive paranoia. He says that by knowing that competition is always nipping his heals, getting closer drives him to push the organization forward. One thing that John does repetitively and advises everyone else to do is to look at the best-placed competitors in the industry and try aping their best practices. A strategy that has helped John grow his business is hiring the best employees he can find, making key employees feel part of the firm, and always hiring trainees. In order to build a sales engine, hiring and training as many young people as possible is indispensable. John further advises that in order to grow, it is important to empower your associates who have gained significant experience. This can be done by letting them train, mentor, and manage new trainees. Creating a culture of accountability is key to growth.

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