USHEALTH Group, America’s Premier Choice in Healthcare

USHealth Group, through its subsidiaries and agents, underwrites and sells individual health insurance and auxiliary products to self-employed individuals and small business owners in the United States. It is well known for its quality and affordable coverage plans for specified disease, sickness, accidents, dental, vision and many others. The Group has a competitive edge in the insurance industry because of its innovative insurance policies, guiding its customers to make smart choices, and making it convenient for person-to-person customer service instead of the machine. USHealth Group Inc. previously known as Ascent Assurance Inc. was incorporated in 1982 and based in Fort Worth, Texas.

The following are some of the USHealth Group popular insurance products. Details of all products can be accessed on their website.

  • PremierChoice plan, a non-year deductible and benefits payments for specified sickness and accidents.
  • Secure Advantage plan with flexible deductible choices to meet individual needs and budget with locked in rates for 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • SecureDental offers 3 plans including Premium, Saver Plus, and Saver. $50 deductible and other charges in accordance with your need and choice.
  • Premier Vision uses EyeMed Insight network of more than 71,000 providers to choose from.
  • MedGuard, 5-year renewable term life insurance product.
  • Life Protector plan, a 10-year term life insurance providing peace of mind for the family in a time of sudden death.
  • Accident Protector Plan, to provide extra coverage to assist out of pocket expenses.

USHealth Group has an incredible preferred provider organization (PPO) of health care, vision, and dental providers. The Group has a user-friendly website that customers can access useful health information. You can find a provider of your choice, find a location or schedule an appointment for your doctor’s visit or find your insurance underwriter near you. You can also get a free insurance quote online in the comfort of your living room.

Troy McQuagge is the current President and CEO of USHealth Group, Inc. Under his leadership, the group and its family companies adopted a winning marketing strategy enabling a successful growth and profitability. The Group mission is: Help other people everyday (HOPE), a statement which is empowering the staff, management, and agents in a shared organizational commitment for meaningful impact on the lives of its customers. With over 50 combined years’ experience in the insurance industry, USHealth Group family of companies has creditably served over 15 million customers and continues to bring an unmatched mixture of modernity and experience to their operations. It is no coincidence that USHealth Group Inc. was named one of the winners of 2016 One Planet Awards in the Accounting, Banking, Financial and Insurance category. It was honored for its business and professional excellence in the insurance industry. USHealth Group on LinkedIn.