Lori Senecal Sets an Example for Women in Advertising

Lori Senecal is CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusly Advertising Agency and the former Executive Chairman of KBS. She has developed a new thrust for the advertising industry, pushing KBS as a brand agency for innovation. She has pushed hard to help develop new brands with a competitive advantage at KBS. She drove business units around technology, startups and content creation.

Lori has taken ideas from many staffers to help them invent the careers they desired. She has financially backed and mentored projects, startups and new ideas through the agency that resulted in well-known brands.

KBS grew from 250 employees domestically to over 800 around the world. It has been named been named one of the best places to work in New York. It has been recognized as a Standout on Ad Age’s list for three years.

KBS works with and has worked with many well-known clients. They work with Vanguard, Victoria’s Secret Pink, HomeGoods, BMW, American Express and others. Before Lori came to KBS, she worked as President of McCann Erickson. While there she developed TAG Ideation, for young adults interested in marketing.

Lori does television appearances, gives lectures and speaking engagements to share her insight in the industry. She credits being the youngest of four children as pushing her to achieve leadership. Her siblings were very talented, so to stand out, she had to work hard. She had to have big dreams and conviction to stand out. For more info visit Inspirery.

She advises women who want to succeed in advertising to have empathy and respect for the customer. She recommends trusting your instincts and acting on them. She says that leadership roles will not find you, you have to go out and find them. If you don’t see them at your company, create them or look in other areas.

Senecal has boosted revenue at CP + B by twenty-one percent since taking over in 2015. She says that women can make major changes in companies by speaking up and letting their ideas be known, rather than waiting to be asked what they think. By taking more active roles in creating brands, they can have a major impact on business.

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