Deputy José Manuel González Is Concerned About Food Shortages In Venezuela

The UN’s, human rights office, is concerned about the food, medical supplies, and clean water shortages in Venezuela. José Manuel González, the Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico, has been talking to members of the National Assembly for months about the situation in his state and the countrywide shortages. Venezuela has turned into a chaotic country where the middle class is turning to crime to eat, and the military is controlling the ports. All the chaos is the work of one man, President Nicolas Maduro. González said Maduro’s policies are tearing the country apart.

Mr. González realized the country was in trouble months ago when the Maduro government seized farms in his state for no apparent reason. Some of the businesses in Guárico were also seized, and those farms and businesses sit dormant now. The people are starving and Maduro, instead of asking for help from neighboring countries like González suggested, asked the military to distribute food. The problem with the Maduro plan is there is no food to distribute. And to make matters worse, the country is short of money. Citibank closed the central banks accounted days ago, and the country’s export business is almost non-existent. González has been in the agriculture business for years, and he said he has never seen a situation like this one.

Maduro continues to blame the shortages on the oil crisis, but González knows better. The policies that Maduro has enforced over the past three years have strangled the economy of the country. The people are in a state of shock, and the crime rate is escalating almost as fast as the inflation rate. Maduro has refused to listen to members of the National Assembly. Members are asking for assistance from Colombia, Brazil, and other countries. González thinks outside help is the only solution at this point, but trying to convince an incompetent leader that he is incompetent and needs help is a monumental task. But González is not giving up. González wants to force Maduro to resign through a petition that has been signed by millions of people, but Maduro isn’t going to leave without a fight. And that fight is turning Venezuela into a disaster area.