George Soros Business Entrepreneurial Path

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary, 1930.The entrepreneur fled Hungary in 1947 to England where he joined the London School of Economics and attained his academic certification. In 1952, George Soros achieved a qualifying entry position with a commercial investment bank in London. In 1956, he moved to the United States to work as market analyst as well as other business investment managerial positions at the New York firms of Fredrick Mayer (1956-1959), Wertheim private company (1959-1963) and the Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Holdings (1963-1973).

Later in 1973, Soros break off from the business proprietorship and started the hedge fund company under his management, with the financial company finally developing globally making it the most famous and fruitful funding organization. Within a period of approximately twenty years, he successfully managed the hedge fund cooperation, apparently increasing its profitable financial returns more than 30 percent for each and every financial year and, on two instances, registering yearly returns of over 100 percent. George Soros later strategically developed the daily managerial forum of the Quantum financing firm in the 1980s where he emerged as one of the wealthiest individuals over the globe. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George started his philanthropic giving in 1979, where he gave several scholarships to South Africans black inhabitants who were under apartheid. At the beginning of 1980, he gave a hand in the promotion of open mind exchange ideas platform in the Eastern Communist alliance by offering several photocopying machines to reprint outlawed manuscript. Just after the collapse Berlin Wall, George Soros developed the European Central University as a strategic place to promote creative and critical philosophy among the youths —during the strange situational context at different educational institutions in the former Soviet nations. The entrepreneur financed intellectual and social-cultural interactions strategies between the various inhabitants in the Eastern Europe region as well as the Western zone; he demonstrated an essential responsibility in financially assisting the Soviet society in developing itself internationally.

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Currently, political policy activism has developed significantly in George Soros’s life. He has comprehensively authored and published various publications on the responsibility of the United States regarding the world social, political and economic interactions majorly on the matters affecting human rights practices and educational enhancement on people’s lives

However, all through George Soros’s philanthropy practices, he has remained committed to fighting various international obstinate difficulties. He is well known to give emphasis to the significance of undertaking and controlling the various national losing mechanisms. Read this story at about George Soros.

The Prominent Technologists; Eric Pulier
Eric Pulier is a technologist and an author who has founded more than 15 companies in his life career. He hails from Los Angeles. Eric Pulier attended Teaneck High school and later to Harvard University graduating with a degree in English and American Literature. Although he specialized in literature, Eric interests were in technology. In 1991, Eric founded People Doing Things Company providing technological innovation to Education and Health sectors. He also started Digital Digital Evolution an interactive agency which later merged with US Interactive LLC. Due to his achievements and experience, Eric was selected to finalize the presidential exhibit referred to the Bridge to the 21st Century. Eric is a success in the technology industry.
Eric loves helping people achieve their goals especially those who are disadvantaged and children suffering from chronic diseases. Due to his attitude, Eric is a prominent philanthropist who uses his career to serve the society. In helping children with multiple sclerosis, Eric created a multimedia platform which helps educate them on their condition. He also teamed up to develop Starbright, a private social platform which allows the children with chronic diseases to interact. The social platform also assists them to communicate with others through chat and learn the experiences of other kids with chronic diseases in other countries.
Eric is an author and has written books which are of relevance to the society. One of his books is Understanding Enterprise SOA, where he gives a clear and easy to read art describing his work. After graduating, Eric joined Harvard taking the responsibilities of the school editor. He managed the school Newspaper; performing excellently in all topics he tackled.
Eric is an active investor who ventures in different businesses and works in collaboration with many enterprises. He has been able to raise millions of dollars from his many firms. Some of the Companies of his companies include Media platform, SOA software, Desk tone and US Media Interactive LLC. Eric’s experience and success ha gave him a chance to give speeches in Technology Forum. He is one the known30 e-visionaries.

Adam Goldenberg: Challenging the Status Quo in the Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg: is a serial investor with a keen eye for unique opportunities that not only revolutionizes various industries but also challenges the status quo. In 2010, he cofounded JustFab where he currently serves as the co-chief executive officer. Goldenberg also cofounded Intelligent Beauty in 2006 where he also served as the company’s co-chief executive officer. The e-commerce company specialized in brand incubation. His profile as an entrepreneur also includes Gamer’s Alliance, which he founded in 1999 but later sold to Intermix Media. However, it is with JustFab that he gained significant success not only by expanding the expanding the brand but also acquiring new entities to expand its market and client bases at In 2013, the company acquired ShoeDazzle, which expanded its operations beyond the United States. The company also launched Fabletics; an athletics brand that specializes leisure and athletics sportswear.

Adam Goldenberg’s success with JustFab is founded on strategic operational and financial initiatives put in place to motivate employees while also improving customer experience. The company uses a metrics-approach when it comes to analyzing its daily operations. By collecting and analyzing daily operations data, JustFab is capable of identifying problematic areas and addressing them immediately before they affect the operations of the company significantly. Adam Goldenberg also believes that such data when shared across all teams helps them comprehend the tactical changes made on The company thrives on the culture of transparency. The company’s culture is customer-centered. This ensures that all products are made according to the taste and preferences of their clients. This also informs the company’s focus on mentoring and motivating their employees especially the top performers.

JustFab: Merging Fashion Avenue with Silicon Valley

Before cofounding JustFab, Adam Goldenberg and his business partner, Don Ressler, worked at MySpace. They cofounded Intelligent Beauty in 2006 and shared the chief executive officer duties on It is through the internet brand incubation entity that the duo launched new brands such as in 2009 and The later was launched as subscription-based online fashion company and also gave rise to new brands such as Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. To consolidate their interests, the duo rebranded the umbrella company, JustFab Inc. into TechStyle Fashion Group. The rebranding will pay homage to the brand’s vision and roots in technology. The parent company is committed to merging fashion with the Silicon Valley-technology. This is why various brands under its name use data to personalize their products to meet the demands of their clients.

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Clay Siegall Wants Seattle Genetics to be a Beacon of Hope for Cancer Patients

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company that focuses on developing and commercializing targeted therapy cancer drugs for cancers with high mortality rates. Siegall has served as the biotech company’s President and Chief Executive Officer since it was established in 1998. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a tiny startup with a small but dedicated team of researchers. Under the leadership of Siegall the company has become a leading innovator in the targeted therapy industry. It is responsible for developing the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate.

The founding of Seattle Genetics was both business and personal for Clay Siegall. The idea for the biotech company came from Siegall watching his father’s own cancer steadily progress over five years until his death. after watching his father die the limitations of oncologists at the time became blindingly apparent and since he always had an interest in medicine he decided to help improve the tools available to oncologists. He believed there had to be a better way.

He went on to attend George Washington University and earn his doctorate in genetics. He landed in Seattle after taking a job at Bristol-Myers Squibb, a New York based pharmaceutical company.

Siegall wants Seattle Genetics’ reputation to be a company that improved the quality of life of those suffering from cancer. To him there is no better reward than knowing you’ve changed someone’s life for the better.

Clay Siegall currently serves on the Boards of Directors of three separate companies. Over the years he has received a variety of awards. Two of the biggest accolades he’s ever received came in back to back years and includes Young Entrepreneur of the Year followed by Alumnus of the Year. Siegall is an author as well with 70 published works.