Yanni Hufnagel Nevada’s key assistant coach

Yanni Hufnagel is one of the country’s greatest assistant basketball coach. Throughout his career, he has built up several college basketball programs across the country. As a child, he read every book on coaching he could get his hands on, and even read them over and over. He would then use basketball action figures to act out the plays he studied.

Yanni Hufnagel’s experience in sports first began when he worked for his city’s public television station, where he provided commentary for local teams. During his first year at Cornell, he was appointed a basketball manager and then received a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets. Once Yanni Hufnagel graduated, he was invited to interview for an position from Oklahoma’s Jeff Capel. Capel later hired him.

In 2009, Coach Capel recommended Yanni Hufnagel to be the head coach at Harvard. However, he ended up being a volunteer assistant coach with no pay. However, as soon as he was hired, he took to the road and began recruiting players, anywhere he could find them. Yanni Hufnagel, has had his choice of coaching jobs, whether it be an assistant coach or as a head coach.

Yanni Hufnagel has coached and assistant coached at some of the top-tier schools across the country, including Cornell University, Oklahoma, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Cal and Nevada. Hufnagel also coached Team USA’s youth team in Israel during the Maccabiah Games. During his time at Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel turned the program around leading to a 79-24 record over the course of four seasons.

Yanni Hufnagel has become very successful and has been a very strong salesman when it comes to recruiting strong basketball players. Yanni Hufnagel actually was recruited to play lacrosse at Pennsylvania State University. He later transferred to Cornell University. He continues to be a top assistant coach at Nevada.

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