Susan McGalla is a Great New American

You can never anticipate someone like Susan McGalla coming into the business world, but her rise is like a force of nature. She is born in Pennsylvania and has continued to be a woman of prominence there all her life. Her work in business, philanthropy and wealth building stands apart from many others in the world today. Susan McGalla is a great new American entrepreneur of the highest ranking in the 21st century.


Susan McGalla seeks to help inspire women in her times to find their own way into leadership. She shares her own stories of rising through the ranks of business and developing herself within a variety of career changes. She has given to speaking about how to get ahead in the business world to audiences of all ages, but most famously to the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.


She believes that most women are seeking to be less gender identified. That women in the business world seek to be seen less as women, and more as professionals. It is an evolution that has been steadily occurring, but also something McGalla sees as an encouraging aspect in modern times. She herself was brought up in a home that gave her encouragement and built her confidence as a woman, but did not stress gender as the focus of her identity. She sees gender as neither a hindrance or an asset, at least in terms of being the best possible professional person.


As a CEO and leader of many Pittsburgh based companies, Susan McGalla has show herself to be the best example of a professional woman today. She is more than just that, she is a source of guidance and inspiration to other women, and people throughout a new era of business outlooks that are changing the face of modern times in America.

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