The good, the bad, and the BBB

NexBank is a local bank in the Dallas, Texas area. I have been reviewing them to see what they are all about. In looking at several different sites I was able to come across some good things and some bad things. Let me start off by saying that NexBank does seem to want to help out their community, which is a great thing. What I am unsure of is if they are helping out the community out of the kindness of their heart or if they are doing just for the recognition. I did find where they were pretty open about the fact they had donated some money to help out the families of officers that were hurt in the line of duty. Now the fact that they are so open about makes me feel like they just want people to think they care about their community but who knows what the real truth is. According to their website, they want to be your preferred wholesale lender. They state they are willing to partner with you and offer you several different things like a Scenario Pricer, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a business that is supposedly paperless. These all seem like some great qualities to NexBank and things you would expect to find when looking at different places like NexBank. The last thing I want to talk about is the BBB. NexBank states on several different pages that they are very happy with their B+ rating. However, after looking them up on the BBB, I have found out two things. The first being that there rating is a B- not the B+ that they are so happy about. The second and most disconcerting thing is that they are not even BBB accredited. Now if you were so happy about your B+ rating don’t you think you would want to be Accredited and to actually have that B+ rating?


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