Adam Milstein – leading philanthropist and social entrepeneur

The first week of April, 2017, Adam Milstein was named one of the wolds 200 most influential do-gooders. Milstein is ranked as number 187 on this list that was provided by Richtopia which is a London based publication. Adam Milstein is the chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. The Israeli-American Council works to build relationships between Israel and the United States. He is also a leader in Jewish organizations such as the Israeli on campus coalition, Hasbara fellowships, and StandWithUs. The Milstein Family Foundation focuses on strengthening the Jewish people and Israel. The foundations provides pro-Israel Americans with the necessary knowledge to become advocates for the state of Israel. Adam Milstein was a managing partner with Hagar Pacific Properties, he is known as a prominant Israeli real estate investor. Hagar Pacific Properties has a business portfolio in more then two billion dollars and owns hundreds of properties as well as providing property management for many companies across the country. As well as having an impressive real estate career; Adam Milstein has also been able to become one of the most well recognized philanthropists in the Jewish community. Adam Milstein founded the Milstein Family Foundation with his wife Gila. Milstein is an avid writer and speaks openly about the importance of Jewish people learning to write and speak in their native language, Hebrew. He feels as though once they fluently learn Hebrew they will be able to better understand their history and heritage. Adam Milstein enjoys actively staying socially engaged with the Jewish community and searching for new ways to educatate people abut Israeli culture.


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