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With well over 6.5 million subscribers, Wengie is an Australian-Chinese lifestyle and beauty YouTube star. Her YouTube video titled “10 Simple Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life” has over 3.2 million views. She shares the following hacks:


The first hack she shares in this video is how to re-seal chip bags. She gets two large straws and cuts one of the straws from end to end. She then uses the other straw and rolls the open edge of the chip bag around it; she then uses the cut straw by sliding it over the rolled bag to secure it. She shares that if you paint the top of keys with nail polish it is easy to distinguish what key goes with what lock. Wengie shares a hack to get the air out of freezer bags by using a bowl filled with water. You place the bag in the water leaving only the seal out; while in the water seal the bag. Another hack is how to hang pictures using a fork. Stick the fork prongs on top of the nail with the handle hanging away from the wall. You then slip the wire on the picture over the handle of the fork and onto the nail. She also shares hacks on how to make slippery shoes less slippery by using hot glue on the bottom and how to open tin cans with out hurting your hand. Another hack she shares is creating a good hide-a-key by getting a small container to put the key in, gluing a rock on the lid and then burying it in dirt close to the door. She shares how to keep your earphones from getting tangled and how to keep plastic grocery bags organized by using and an old wipe container.




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