Highland Capital Management; Experts in Investment

The Highland Capital Management is a registered company having over $15.4 billion of properties under its administrative management. The company came into existence in 1993. Over the years the company has the international recognition in the provision of alternative credit facilities. Highland Capital Management specializes in strategies on credit including, large funds, credit hedge money, different accounts, incident generated equity and loans given with collateral security.


Apart from the financial services, Highland Capital Management focuses on advice on investment issues on new markets and occurring natural resources. Its main headquarter is in Dallas Texas although the company has various branches in towns such as Singapore, Seoul, New York, and Sao Paolo.


Highland Capital Management has a variety of clients. The customer base includes Rich personalities, corporations, pension plans, organizations and even governments. It focuses on community service through investment in places where the employees live. For the last twelve years, Highland has committed over $ 10 million to communities around the world.


Gregory, the chief investment officer at Highlands, made the investments triples in the purchase of oil stocks. The small equity funds have diversified in the investment in the energy sector. In 2016, Highlands took on six kinds of investment that only one kind of investment, health, did not give the company much profit.


On the health sector, Highland Capital administrators are positive that the pain relievers company where they have invested is going to hit the market more in the coming years. The real estate sector aims at increasing its acquisitions. Gregory says that the company will purchase family units, improve them and offer them as rentals at higher costs. Additionally, the Highland stores family properties as people move from one town to another.


In the energy sector, Highland Capital Management has purchased shares and based on past purchases; the investment is bound to bring more profits to Highland Capital Management. Apart from the financial success in Highland Capital Management, various profit and not for profit organizations have benefited from the highlands monetary donations for various projects. It embraces the societal responsibility through giving back for the different causes.


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