End Citizens United’s Road To Political Funding Reforms

End Citizens United was established March 1st, 2015. It is a Political Action Committee financed by working class donors. It is devoted to opposing the devastating effects of Citizens United and restructuring the national campaign funding system.

The PAC aims to prove to the experienced political personalities that ordinary folks are tired of traditional voter buyouts on OpenSecrets.org from billionaires that try to manipulate elections. This bold move will build a broad coalition with a goal of campaign funding transformation and pushing legislators to take action.

End Citizens United’s Ambitious Political Plans
The End Citizens United PAC remained committed to campaign for finance reform and planned on channeling millions of dollars to support Democratic candidates vying for various elective posts in the house and senate pursuits across America. End Citizens United raised over $2 million from ordinary grassroots donors. End Citizens United’s target is to collect a total of $30 million for the election cycle.

The team hoped to pass a constitutional amendment to repeal the Supreme Court’s decision which it allowed super PACs in 2010 to give free rein to blood money into politics on Facebook. Currently, over 325,000 people signed the petition ordering Congress to pass the new law. The group aligned with Ready for Hillary campaign team and rented out their mailing list of about four million people in an attempt to lure possible liberal supporters.

End Citizens United also announced its backing of 11 Democratic candidates, such as Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. End Citizens United is different from other PACS because they used a strategy that embraced candidates who supported the campaign finance reform, those who opposed Citizens United, and those under attack from the wealthy conformist Koch brothers and dark-money factions. The group set up a self-regulating spending to fiscally back their candidates through polling, television ads, and direct mailers on secure.actblue.com.

Rick Hasen, a political scientist, law professor, and campaign finance regulation expert at UC-Irvine Law School said that the law could only be changed with a new Supreme Court justice — who could swing the court’s decisions. Hasen further expressed that End Citizens United and other like-minded groups do an excellent job of engaging the public on the Supreme Court’s decision and applying pressure on political players to contain the situation.

End Citizens United did not support the Republicans despite the fact that they too agree that anonymous political expenditure is out of control. They blame the congressional Republican leadership for blocking the unsuccessful Supreme Court decision. The group took pride in receiving 136,000 donations and increasing its grassroots backing with an average gift of $15.

End Citizen United has a team of five workers with bright minds like Valerie Martin (2006 Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign), and Reed Adamson (Brad Schneider’s campaign manager during his Illinois Rep 2012 win).

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