Capitol Anesthesiology Aiding Patient Surgeries

Capitol Anesthesiology Association located at 3705 Medical Parkway in Austin, Texas is a network of board certified anesthesiologists. They’re strictly involved in providing quality anesthesia and related care for all types of surgery; in-patient and out-patient applications. The network consists of physicians and qualified assistants, known professionally as, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). Their job is to solely focused on patient care during anesthesia applications; in preparation and during and after surgery at either a hospital facility or a clinic. The most important aspect of Capitol Anesthesiology Association is assuring patients of their safety and well-being while under sedation. The services they provide include continuously monitoring patients throughout surgeries.

Capitol Anesthesiology is considered a registered Association, but it’s more than that, it’s also a medical care giving business. The physicians and CRNAs work as a team to administer anesthesia to depress the sensation of pain and discomfort during surgery. The facilities they serve include Pediatrics Centers, Orthopedic Centers, and various Surgical Centers and Surgical Hospitals throughout the Austin area. Anesthesia is a specialized medical area, with warnings and risks associated with being under the effects of “controlled” unconsciousness.

The team at Capitol also volunteer with several non-profit organizations to help the economically disadvantaged and those with physical or mental impediments. One of the non-profits Capital Anesthesiology Associates assist is the “Eels on Wheels Adaptive Scuba Program.” The participants in the program are taught how to adapt to their handicap in order to receive certification as Scuba divers. Follow them here

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