Class Dojo Co-Founders Speak about App

Before starting Class Dojo, co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don talked to teachers, students, and parents to see what issues needed to be addressed within the classroom. The answers had a running theme. The classroom was not a smooth running team but an inefficient one. They looked to change that.

They started Class Dojo, which is a mobile app and web site based, to help change the culture within the classroom. Teachers can show how well students are doing, behaviorally and academically, through the monsters and points systems. Also, they can regularly send home reports to parents, so parents feel that they have some empowerment within the classroom. Beyond the points system, they have added messages, photos, and videos, so now parents feel like they are a part of the team.

Their goal was for Class Dojo to become a communication platform to help change the culture of the classroom. The way to build a community is through communication, and Class Dojo allows just that. It allows for teachers to share progress and moments that make the parents proud. They take privacy very seriously. While teachers are able to set up the classroom, they allow teachers to control and monitor how they share information. Also, once the information is deleted, it is gone.

They will keep Class Dojo free, but they feel they will add features that teachers and parents will want to pay for in the future. They hold educational principles high and they do not feel like it would be a right fit to add in advertisements. They also measure the success of Class Dojo by how many people use it. Since the app is free, the use of it is purely voluntary. Many times the co-founders have seen how people in education are forced to use something that the districts pay for and that was not their intention.

They look forward to the change that Class Dojo has brought. The growth mindset videos they released with Stanford are just the start of the changes that they are going to make. They want to change education from the ground up.

Class Dojo is an app available for free to teachers, students, and parents. It can be used on multiple platforms, including phones, tablets, and laptops. Teachers can easily sign up their classes and print pre made letters to give to parents and students with sign up codes. This app helps teachers by allowing them to modify the behaviors they track to better reflect their classroom culture.


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