Diversifying The Work Force Is What John Goullet And Diversant LLC Are About

For many large companies out there, the need is great for a diverse set of skilled workers and individuals whose education and personality matches a company’s profile. There are many people who have great educational resumes, but searching and hunting down the exact candidates that you want can be a time-consuming task, and in some cases candidates may seem unprepared for the interview. That’s where Diversant, LLC has come in bringing in diverse groups of skilled workers from all kinds of minority communities and all backgrounds, and helped save companies time and money by finding the candidates that they want.

Diversant, LLC is one of the largest Minority Owned Business Enterprises in the US and was started by John Goullet and Gene Waddy. John Goullet got his bachelor’s degree at Ursinus College and went into the IT field where he worked for various companies, including the Computer Sciences Corporation as a computer solutions specialist and oversaw technical operations. Eventually he moved into consulting and then became head of an IT staffing department and eventually decided to use the experience gained there to start up his own company. Info Technologies Inc. was born in 1994 as a company that started making headway in the fortune 500 industry and became both profitable and beneficial to companies and new skilled workers, growing rapidly from low startup funds to over $30 million.

In 2010 Goullet met up with Gene Waddy, another entrepreneur from New Jersey who had also started up an IT staffing firm called Diversant Inc. The two decided to merge companies and Diversant, LLC became a major IT staffing powerhouse and the premier choice of major IT firms and big companies. Diversant, LLC has expanded its operations all across the US reaching from coast to coast and plans to open up even more offices soon. Goullet and Waddy also care about philanthropic endeavors to give back to the community and have helped Diversant partner up with local charter schools and veteran organizations to bring scholarships and placement programs to assist underprivileged children and retiring veterans in getting into the workforce.

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