James Dondero Announces the $1 Million Grant to the Family Place Legacy Campaign

To enable the Family Place to finish their Legacy Campaign strong, James Dondero, the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management, LLC, announced the $1 million challenge grant by the Highland Capital Management. Dondero Announced about the grant on a recent Family Place luncheon held at Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Dondero said that the grant would assist the Family Place to hit their target of $16 million donations to house the victims of family violence and those living in violent relationships.

James Dondero said that the grant, which is being administered by Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. a philanthropic arm of the Highland Capital Management, will match any donation given to the Family Palace up to $1 million. The grant will see the Family Place clear the remaining $2.8 million to hit their target of $16 million. After Dondero announced the grant, The Family Place has received $200,000 which will be matched by the 50% of the Highland’s capital grant to make it a total of $300,000. The $1 million grant will be a match of the $2 million to be donated by other companies and well-wishers.

In his statement, James said that the grant was an answer to call to action issued by the mayor and inspector of police for the civic community to assist the Family Place to achieve their project. James added that the grant was also a congratulatory move to thank the Family Place management for moving fast in making the Project a success. Within a year, the Family place had collected $13.2 million from philanthropic organizations including the Highland Capital Management, Inc.

Since its inception in 1978, the Family Place has provided the family violence counseling and shelter to more than 10,000 parties. The Family Place has been educating the community through education programs and has serviced over 225,000 clients. The Family Place has also assisted more than 20,000 batterers to change their violent behavior and be supportive to their partners. The Legacy Campaign will help the Family Place build a shelter for more victims as well as a center for children living in the violent families.

Here’s A Run Down On How Fabletics Works

Some may be confused as to how Fabletics works, so here is a quick explanation. Fabletics is an activewear company that sells clothing online as well as in their stores, and no one is required to get a membership in order to buy anything from Fabletics. Those that don’t want a Fabletics membership can simply walk into any of their stores to make purchases as well as making purchases online on Wikipedia.org. Membership to Fabletics is completely optional and only gives additional benefits to anyone who chooses to get the membership. Those who want a Fabletics membership will be able to take advantage of the lower prices in the stores and online.

Becoming a Fabletics member only requires a payment of the monthly fee, which is now $49.95. Every time the fee is paid, the fee will go into the member’s account. Instead of the membership fee being paid simply to be a member, the member is really paying towards clothing, and the $49.95 can be used for any clothing in the store. Those that find clothing that goes over $49.95 can simply add additional monies to their purchase in order to complete their purchase and have their items shipped to them.

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Fabletics doesn’t deal in any used clothing only new clothes. Fabletics will have different clothes added to their website on a monthly basis, which gives a lot of additional options to those who are looking for activewear. Although many feel that Fabletics only sells to women, men’s activewear is also sold on the Fabletics website. Kate Hudson is a co-owner of the Fabletics company and has been the main face of the company since it opened. Since Kate wears a lot of the Fabletics clothing, her fashion and style trends have been used to help create the many clothes that are sold on the website.

Anyone looking to sign up as a member on the Fabletics website or in one of their stores can use a debit or credit card to make monthly payments. Each month that a member chooses to pay their membership fee, they must pay using a debit or credit card. It’s possible to skip a month if it’s necessary by opting out of the monthly payment by the 5th of the month. Membership to Fableticss can be canceled at any time, so no one is required to stay a member if they don’t feel the need to.

The Entrepreneurship Ventures of Danilo Diaz Dranados

Danilo Diaz Granados is a Miami businessperson who is known for his outstanding skills in entrepreneurship and economics. He is a graduate of the Babson College, which is based in Massachusetts. Mr. Granados operates most of his enterprises from Miami, Florida, and he also works as a business advisor. In his career, he has served the Equity Investment Program as an FCP Associate of the company’s connection wing. Apart from his many undertakings in entrepreneurship, Danilo has been active in the management of his ventures which are the Glory Films and Toys for Boys Boutique.

Mr. Granado presently serves as an associate of the Fireman Capital Partners, and he was given the position in 2015. The primary role of the entrepreneur at the company is finding new global aspects that affect investment equity such as energy effectiveness, hedge funds, and formation of creative startups. Danilo is also responsible for carrying out ecological analysis to collect data on social, creative, and population subjects that have the ability to influence the enterprise, and also giving advice to private investors. He has gained sufficient knowledge and experience that enables him to make the best decisions on business opportunities and advising the company’s customers.

Toys for Boys is one of the thriving enterprises that Danilo owns. The company held a prestigious event in Miami on July 2016, and it had a lot of fun undertakings for affluent people. They included riding of helicopters, dom perigon bottles, top quality cuisine, sunset boat rides, unparalleled views, and moments of on the racetrack. The company started functioning in 2013 and ever since, it has held various events that are meant to entertain wealthy individuals. The management of the firm selected a few people during July’s event and offered them a chance to go to the One Thousand Museum Sales Center for breakfast.

Toys for Boys has been utilizing the events that it holds as an opportunity to provide its clients with a platform for associating with art, entertainment, and cuisine that is equivalent to the lavish lifestyle of Miami. Mr. Granado was also part of the fun undertakings such as having a one-hour helicopter flight to the Palm Beach Race Track.

The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Every business person or professional should have a system in place to address issues that could negatively affect their business and their profile. It is not easy building a business, so it makes sense to do whatever it takes to keep it running efficiently and profitably.

People often believe what they read online and this can be detrimental to the reputation of a company or business person if the content is of a derogatory nature. Therefore, make it your priority to protect your online reputation and ensure everything keeps running smoothly. Provide good service and deliver on your promise to your customers or clients.

Things can get really ugly for a business person if someone posts a negative review or comment regarding you or your business or your product or service. There’s no gurantee that things like this won’t happen, no matter how careful you are. If threats or attacks on your profile or reputation are not addressed promptly and in a timely manner, you could lose your customers or clients, and consequently your efforts will be a waste.

The way to handle this type of issue, is not to fight back or retaliate by posting bad comments about whoever started the attack. Sometimes you can’t even tell the source of the information. And knowing that won’t help you, unless you have the knowledge and skill on how to deal with it. That’s where experts like Reputation Management Fixers come in.

These professionals know how to suppress negative search results and push out damaging content. Their team of digital content publishing specialists and search engine optimization professionals can monitor your online reputation and immediately address any threats. They have been handling online reputation management for many years and have vast experience in dealing with these kinds of issues.

Reputation Management Fixers have access to industry resources and expert skills that enable them meet the reputation management needs of their clients, and they can help you guard against impending threats. Get in touch with Reputation Management Fixers to learn more about their vast range of online reputation management solutions.

An Intro to Investment Banking and Entrepreneur Martin Lustgarten

When it comes to the overall economy one of the fields that has a significant impact on it is investment banking. This is a field where large firms known as investment banks help a number of companies find ways to raise capital, issue new stock and also merge or acquire other ones. Therefore investment banking has a very positive and considerable impact on the business world as well as economic events. In investment banking a number of things can be achieved such as helping companies expand, offer more products and services, retain or create jobs and also help companies avoid going bankrupt. Therefore investment banking is one of the more beneficial fields in terms of helping make the economy better.

Investment banking consists of a number of departments and positions that lead to completing deals and serving clients. The most common department is corporate finance which involves analysis and merger and acquisitions. In this department there are professionals such as analysts to go over numerical data, associates who supervise analysts and meet with clients, and vice presidents who actually meet with clients and complete the deals. Another key department is research which entails a finance professional who gathers a lot of information about industry and economic trends. This professional will then relay the information to the analysts, associates, vice presidents and managing director. Lastly there is the sales and trading department which has traders who buy and sell securities for clients.

As well as there being large investment banking firms that work with major companies, there are others that are small and work with individuals. One of these types of firms is managed by an individual named Martin Lustgarten. He is currently the founder and chief executive officer of his finance firm and helps a number of clients such as businesses and individuals. Martin works with small to medium sized businesses and helps them get the capital they need to start up or expand. Lustgarten also helps these clients out by giving them advice on how to best manage their finances .

One of the most significant parts of Lustgarten’s firm is working with individuals. Martin spends much of his time helping people find ways to reach their financial goals. On a regular basis he will advise them on what to invest in as well as how they can save up for things such as retirement. He spends a lot of time researching market trends and investment options so that he can recommend some of the best ones available to his clients. With his assistance, Martin is able to help a number of individuals best allocate their financial resources and establish financial security for the future.

Twitter: @mlustgarten2

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lustgarten.martin

Stephen Murray: The Philanthropist That Goes the Extra Mile

When you are in shoes of Stephen Murray and you have/had so many job titles such as private equity investor, president, chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, it can be hard to find time to do a lot of things. You have a lot on your plate and you have a lot to do.

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day and you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed. The thing about the late, great Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, however, is that even if he was stressed or flustered, he never showed it.

He always smiled, always kept his focus, and never let anything get him down or get in his way. He kept his focus on what was important. While he was proud of all that he had accomplished and all that he has earned, he was most proud of being a philanthropist.

This wasn’t something, mind you, that he did for attention or to get extra praise and for people to pat him on the back. All of his charity work and good work that he did, he did it because he knew that if he were in their shoes, he would want others to do the same for him. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://observer.com/2015/02/this-old-thing-private-equity-honcho-drops-little-place-uptown-for-11m/

He believes what makes the world great is when we all work together in unison, as one, and look out for each other and help each other out as much as possible.

When it came to his work with Make a Wish, this was something that put a great big smile on his face. He always cared about helping out children and making their wishes come true and making their day a little easier.

He knew they were struggling, battling, and having a tough go of it. Because of this, he knew if he could help make a wish come true or do something for them, it would make a big difference in their battle.

When children are sick and battling, it can be hard to stay positive and hard to keep your eye on the prize.

You can find yourself feeling like you just want to give up, throw in the towel and call it a day. However, Stephen Murray believed by making wishes come true, he could give them a little extra motivation and a little extra push to keep fighting, never give up, and keep hope alive that there is a cure out there and something out there that can be done for them to make their quality of life better.

Deputy José Manuel González Is Concerned About Food Shortages In Venezuela

The UN’s, human rights office, is concerned about the food, medical supplies, and clean water shortages in Venezuela. José Manuel González, the Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico, has been talking to members of the National Assembly for months about the situation in his state and the countrywide shortages. Venezuela has turned into a chaotic country where the middle class is turning to crime to eat, and the military is controlling the ports. All the chaos is the work of one man, President Nicolas Maduro. González said Maduro’s policies are tearing the country apart.

Mr. González realized the country was in trouble months ago when the Maduro government seized farms in his state for no apparent reason. Some of the businesses in Guárico were also seized, and those farms and businesses sit dormant now. The people are starving and Maduro, instead of asking for help from neighboring countries like González suggested, asked the military to distribute food. The problem with the Maduro plan is there is no food to distribute. And to make matters worse, the country is short of money. Citibank closed the central banks accounted days ago, and the country’s export business is almost non-existent. González has been in the agriculture business for years, and he said he has never seen a situation like this one.

Maduro continues to blame the shortages on the oil crisis, but González knows better. The policies that Maduro has enforced over the past three years have strangled the economy of the country. The people are in a state of shock, and the crime rate is escalating almost as fast as the inflation rate. Maduro has refused to listen to members of the National Assembly. Members are asking for assistance from Colombia, Brazil, and other countries. González thinks outside help is the only solution at this point, but trying to convince an incompetent leader that he is incompetent and needs help is a monumental task. But González is not giving up. González wants to force Maduro to resign through a petition that has been signed by millions of people, but Maduro isn’t going to leave without a fight. And that fight is turning Venezuela into a disaster area.

Spoti-what? Desiree Perez Makes Tidal an Awesome Competitor


Desiree Perez has become an awesome business woman that has managed to find her way in the world of music streaming. There are times when people may not know just how good they are in doing something until they are put to the task of having to do it. That is certainly what is happening with Perez. She has never been in the music streaming industry, but she is good with numbers. Perez also knows about the strategy that it will take to build anticipation about the Tidal music streaming service. This is enough to keep her in the good graces of Tidal owner Jay-Z.

As time progresses it has become evident that Des Perez was the one that was helping Jay-Z turn the Tidal web streaming service into something that people wanted to subscribe to. This is harder than it looks. Most people that are on the outside looking in would just assume that it is easy to start a music streaming service because there are already so many celebrities connected to Tidal. In the initial press conference for this music streaming service there were tons of celebrities like Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Beyonce that were all invested into Tidal.

As time progressed it became evident that this was a business that was much more difficult than it looked. Even with the star power that was behind it there was still an uphill battle to be fought with Pandora and Spotify. As luck would have it, Desiree Perez turned out to be a prizefighter when it came to uphill battles involving music streaming. She has been able to turn things around for this company.

Tidal is becoming a real competitive force among the other streaming services, and Des Perez is the one that has made people notice this music company. The rise of Tidal was slow, but the company has managed to move in the right direction as a result of what Des Perez has recommended with all of the marketing for exclusive Tidal content.

This is the company that has managed to get to a point of revival, and Jay-Z is excited about the way that the company has managed to become profitable with a strong support system like Des Perez and her husband Juan Perez. These two have taken Tidal to a new level. Desiree has made Tidal a successful company for music streaming.




Helane Morrison’s New Business Model

If you are anything like me then you probably have a leery attitude towards the financial market and investments companies. A lot of this perception comes from the recent market crash. A little research however, will show that there are at least some business leaders out there who are actively changing their policy.

Hall Capital is perhaps one of the most unique and interesting businesses in operation today. Located in San Francisco, California, it is a profitable investment company. In fact it is one of the most succeful investment companies in the market and it’s management staff happens to be entirely women.

Helane Morrison is one of Hall Capital’s most distinguished employees and leaders. She joined the company in 2007 and now holds multiple title within the hierarchy. These titles include General Counsel, Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer. Before being employed by Capital Hall, Morrison was the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. She worked there for a total of eight years. Before that she spent three years as the local SEC offices head of enforcement.

Her work as a compliance officer involves a proactive relationship with government regulatory agencies. Morrison claims she was drawn to the work after the market crash out of a desire to restore consumer confidence in financial institutions. Rather than trying to hide from or circumvent regulation, compliance officers act within the company to ensure all actions are up to code and in full compliance with local law.

The development of companies like Hall Capital is a trend we should all watch closely. It is women like Helane Morrison who will change the investment marketplace in the years to come, making it a more secure and profitable environment than it was before.

Sanjay Shah Funds Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a hedge fund manager and the proud owner of Solo Capital, an investment boutique firm that offers unique investment solutions to individuals and businesses all around the world. In addition to his passion for business and finance, Sanjay Shah Denmark is also a dedicated family man who is constantly finding new ways to spend time with his wife and children. In recent news, Mr. Shah has started an organization that is dedicated to his young son who has been diagnosed with the developmental order of autism. This diagnosis inspired Sanjay Shah to startup Autism Rocks, a foundation that is dedicated to furthering the research of autism.

What inspired Mr. Shah to start this foundation that is centered around music is a visit from none other than Snoop Dogg, an international celebrity. After moving from Dubai to London in 2009, Sanjay Shah has always admired this international celebrity and his 30 million records that have been sold. His excitement to have Snoop Dogg was undeniable and was only matched by the enthusiasm of his autistic son. The visit from Snoop Dogg inspired Mr. Shah to startup Autism Rocks as a series of events where top celebrities would perform on stage and promote the cause for furthering the research of autism.

Though this dream has not been easy to achieve, Autism Rocks was officially founded in 2014. So many celebrities have supported his cause such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and even Elvis Costello. With their help, these world renowned individuals have raised millions of dollars of funds that has all been contributed towards the worthy cause of researching autism. Music has always brought his family together and is one of the few things that his young son has continuously shown a passion for. With the funds raised from these events, Mr. Shah wants to further research on a development disorder that is often misunderstood.

The mission behind the funding of the research is not to cure autism, but instead to understand the disorder. Not only will this help with the relationship between himself and his son, but it will also help other parents as well as educators. With many face hardships that started after the 2008 financial crisis, Mr. Shah truly believes that his luck has turned around. In present day, Mr. Shah is able to fully support an organization that he believes in and that is fully supported by the community.


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